Discover Shapeshift, 
the 1st Conversion Focused
Thrive Theme Builder Theme

Shapeshift is a multi-purpose Thrive Theme Builder theme, designed with the solo-preneur in mind. It's perfect for personal branding, offering your services or showing off your local business.

Step-by-step site setup wizard

Setup Your Site in 2 Minutes Flat

Traditionally, setting up a WordPress website has been time consuming and confusing. But that was before Shapeshift! The Shapeshift theme comes with a simple "site setup" wizard. In just 10 steps, this wizard helps you add your logo, choose the right header, footer, homepage, single blog content layout, default page layout, blog list layout and more. Within minutes you have a functional site, ready to add your flavor to it.

Rapid Implementation

You'll have your site up and running fast, so you can continue building your business.

Fully Customizable

You can tweak every little detail... But you don't have to! Shapeshift gives you the best of both worlds.

For Solo-preneurs

Creating a website with the Shapeshift theme is easy. Because we know you don't want to learn how to code!

Over 480 Million Possible Design Combinations

A page, post or list template exists out of 6 sections: a header, a top section, a content section, a sidebar, a bottom section and a footer. With the Shapeshift theme, you get access to no less than 183 pre-designed sections. Which means 480 720 240 (yes that's 480 million) possible combinations! 

Choose Your Brand Color & Let the Smart Color Technology Do the Rest!  

When you choose a default color in the Shapeshift theme, 15+ other colors get automatically adjusted to give you that professional looking site you dream off but wouldn't be able to pull off without paying a professional designer.

And off course all the pre-made designs are using the Smart Colors, which means that no matter which section you add to your site, it will magically match your branding colors!


What they say


Beta Tester and Thrive Themes Member

Well !!! this new theme Idea is out of control beautiful !!!!! I really like what you did to theme construction I was always confused about what theme to use now not a problem
I upgraded one site and kicking the tires. still playing but I think you guys Out did it !!!!!!

Marco B.

Thrive Themes Member

WOW I'm testing Shapeshift and the Theme Builder right now and it's a game changer!

With Conversions in Mind

Lead Generation Forms, Call-to-Action Buttons, Contact Forms, ... They're All Included

We believe that your website is not online just to look good. It exists to help you build your business. That's why Shapeshift is equiped with a ton of conversion focused elements, right out the box.

More Than a Simple WordPress Theme...

The Shapeshift theme is the first multi-purpose theme built with and for Thrive Theme Builder. 

Thrive Theme Builder includes Thrive Architect Light,
which uses the exact same technology as Thrive Architect; one of the most advanced front-end visual editors for WordPress.

This means that with Shapeshift you get access to a whole range of design elements. All these elements are extremely customizable following the "click and edit" philosophy.

You'll be able to use these elements within your theme templates as well as on the content of your pages and posts.


Is Shapeshift an upgrade of the old Thrive Themes themes?

No it's not! Shapeshift is the first theme built with and for Thrive Theme Builder.

What other plugins will I need to install for Shapeshift to work?

None! Everything you see here can be accomplished without installing any other plugins. 

Does Shapeshift work with Thrive Leads?

Of course! Thrive Leads and Shapeshift are 100% compatible (as are all of our plugins).

Can I use Thrive Comments on Shapeshift?

Yes you can! 

Is Shapeshift WooCommerce compatible?

Yes! You can learn all about it here.

Is it difficult to make my site look like this website with the Shapeshift theme?

No! This website is entirely made with the pre-designed elements that are included in the Shapeshift theme. This means you can get the exact same look and feel for your site!