Make it Easy to  Get in Touch

The Shapeshift theme comes with it's own Contact Form Element, no need for any external plugins.
The contact form is easy to set up and has integrated spam protection.

Perfect Layout & Fields

The contact form element is extremely flexible, both in design possibilities and information gathering.
Use one of the pre-defined fields to ask for first and or last name, email, website, phone number and message. 

Add or remove labels, control the placeholder text and decide which fields are required.

And of course, you decide what's on the button of your contact form and how it should look!


Advanced Options

Zapier Integration

Easily integrate your contact form with Zapier for advanced data management. The Zapier connection will allow you to store contact form information in a Google Sheet document or send it to your CRM.

After Submit Options

What happens after someone submits the form? Want to send them to a special URL, show a success message or simply reload the page? Choose whatever option fits you best.

One Or More Recipients

Who needs to be informed about a new contact form submission? Just you? You and your assistant? With the Contact Form element it's super easy to add more than one recipient.

Ready to Create Your Own Site With Shapeshift?

The Shapeshift theme is currently exclusively available for Thrive Theme Members.