Use a List to Order Information

Numbered lists are perfect to break up a wall of text and grab the attention of your readers. While you can easily add an ordered list with the text element in Shapeshift, sometimes you want a little bit more control over what that list looks like. That's where the numbered list comes in. 

Full Control Over The Number Style

With the numbered list, you can choose any style of number you want.

Then, you can customize the size, the color, the background,... 

  1. 1
    List El​​​​​ement
  2. 2
    List Element
  3. 3
    List Element
  1. 5
    List Element
  2. 10
    List Element
  3. 15
    List Element

Granular Control Over Each Element of the List

While we made it easy to change the style of the list elements all at ones, you don't have to keep them all the same... You can change each list item one-by-one and customize it to your liking.

You can also choose the increments of your list and at which number it should start.

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