Get Those Social Shares

The Shapeshift theme comes with it's own set of social share buttons. This means you won't need to install another plugin for this!

5 Different Styles and 5 Display Options

Choose from one of the 5 different styles and 3 of the text display options (icon, icon + text or icon + counter) and 2 of the layout options (vertical or horizontal) to personalize your buttons.

Of course you can change the size, text and background style to fit your website.

The Social Share element includes the 5 biggest social sharing networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Xing.

Smart Marketing Trick: Share Any URL

By default, the element will offer the share the page the element is on (this is perfect for when the element is used in your blog or page templates). But sometimes, you want to give people an opportunity to share content that's not the page they are on. 

Imagine you give new leads a free ebook and on the download page you include a share button in order to give happy subscribers the option to share your offer. Now, you don't want them to share the download page, right? You want them to share the opt-in page so that other people actually subscribe to get that free ebook...

We thought so! That's why setting a custom URL to share is as easy as copy/paste with the Social Share element! 

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