​An Image Says More Than A 1000 Words...

​In Shapeshift theme you can add images anywhere. And thanks to the many image styling and editing options you'll always impress your website visitors and create that professional look you want.

Choose whether you want to display a dynamic image (such as the featured image of your blog post) or a simple static image.

Size Adjustment and Crop

Use the on page controls to change the size of your image and even zoom in to show the right part.

Forget About Photo Editing Software

​Add image effects to turn a colored image into a black and white or sepia image, change the opacity, add blur, play around with the brightness, saturation, hue and ​contrast or simply add a colored overlay on top.  

These image effect won't let you down.

Add a Frame

To make your image stand out you can also easily add borders of any color and size, make round corners and add shadows. 

You can add a glow effect around your images, add dropshadows and choose the angle of that shadow.

​Dynamic Hover Effects

​In the Shapeshift theme, it's super easy to add hover effects to images and link ​them up. 

This can be a link to show the full image, a link to an external or internal page, a link to another section on the page or a dynamic link to your site content or global fields.

Ready to Create Your Own Site With Shapeshift?

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