‚ÄčTurn Visitors Into Leads

‚ÄčAt Thrive Themes, we believe that your site is not just there to be pretty, it should help you get more customers. The first step in building a conversion focused website is having strategically placed opt-in forms.

That's why in the Shapeshift theme you'll find lead generation top sections, sidebar opt-in widgets, subscribe bottom sections and footers with integrated opt-in form.

Integrate With All Major Email Service Providers

Shapeshift theme has a robust lead generation element included. Through the Thrive Dashboard, you can set up an API connection with any of the major email marketing services. This allows to connect your email forms with just a few clicks to start collecting leads right away.

Opt-in Forms That Match Your Website

Just like any other element included in the Shapeshift theme, the lead generation element is 100% customizable.

Up to you whether you want to ask for a first name or only the email, what color you want the button to be and whether you want a horizontal or stacked form.

Al throughout the theme you'll find pre-designed lead generation elements but in case that's not enough, you can always add your own form wherever you fancy.

We Take Lead Generation Serious (And So Should You!)

After Sign-up Actions

What happens after your visitor became a lead? Do you leave them hanging? No! With the lead generation element you can easily send your new leads to a specific URL. This allows to send them to a download page or to an email confirmation page if you're using a double opt-in process.

GDPR Approved

With this Lead Generation element, you can add a checkbox for explicit consent which allows you to be GDPR compliant

Hidden Fields

The Lead Generation element allows adding hidden fields and tags. This will help you do better email marketing through segmentation.

Ready to Create Your Own Site With Shapeshift?

The Shapeshift theme is currently exclusively available for Thrive Theme Members.