Never Hunt for Outdated Logos Again

Have you ever tried updating every logo everywhere on your site because you updated your branding? A real pain right? Even years later you still find outdated logos in the most unexpected places.

But that was before Shapeshift!

The Shapeshift theme comes with the Logo element. This element allows to centrally add your logos and then simply insert them anywhere you want.

This also means that any template you load from the theme will automatically magically show your own logo!

Such a gain of time.

Dark & Light Logo's

During the site setup wizard, you'll be prompted to add your logo. But that's just the beginning. With the logo element, you can easily set a light and a dark logo by default (these are the logos used in pre-designed headers and footers) and you can add additional logos for specific pages.

Ready to Create Your Own Site With Shapeshift?

The Shapeshift theme is currently exclusively available for Thrive Theme Members.