The Shapeshift theme is filled with "Smart" elements. These are things that will it easier and faster for you to make your site and to keep your site updated!

Smart Colors

Choose Your Brand Color & Let the Smart Color Technology Do the Rest!  

When you choose a default color in the Shapeshift theme, 15+ other colors get automatically adjusted to give you that professional looking site you dream off but wouldn't be able to pull off without paying a professional designer.

And off course all the pre-made designs are using the Smart Colors, which means that no matter which section you add to your site, it will magically match your brand colors!

Smart SITE - Global Fields

Keep Important Information Up to Date Easily 

Making a conversion focused website is one thing... Keeping it up to date is a whole other beast.

How confident are you that you can quickly change your address, phone number or social follow buttons EVERYWHERE on your site?

If you're like most entrepreneurs, your answer is probably: "Not very!" or "That would take me a couple of hours."

That's the exact problem we're solving with Global Fields within the Shapeshift theme. 

All the templates are made with global fields connections, which means that links to important pages such as your Privacy policy, your address, phone number and Social Business Links are already connected. Simply fill out the Global Fields in the Thrive Dashboard and it will update your whole site.

the logo element

The Right Logo, Always

Have you ever tried updating every logo everywhere on your site because you updated your branding? A real pain right? Even years later you still find outdated logos in the most unexpected places.

But that was before Shapeshift!

The Shapeshift theme comes with the Logo element. This element allows to centrally add your logos and then simply insert them anywhere you want.

This also means that any template you load from the theme will automatically magically show your own logo!

Such a gain of time.

Ready to Create Your Own Site With Shapeshift?

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